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- A Trusted Company for Intraocular Lens Solutions

Hanita Lenses is a worldwide trusted manufacturer and provider of intraocular lens solutions for cataract surgery. With more than 30 years of experience in meeting the varied needs of ophthalmic surgeons, the Hanita Lenses name is synonymous with high quality, reliability, and service.



NanoVibronix Inc. is a medical device company that is focused on creating medical devices utilizing its proprietary low intensity acoustic technology. The company’s patented technology allows for creation of miniature transducers that transmit low-frequency,
low-intensity ultrasound through flexible materials surfaces.

This unique development may be utilized for a variety of medical applications requiring low cost therapeutic ultrasound qualities. Patch based products include the PainShield® and WoundShield® which have been clinically proven.



EnzySurge, an Israeli company, was established in the year 2001
by Prof. Amihay Freeman, a professor of Biotechnology, in order to specialize in producing proprietary innovative solutions for global chronic wound care market. EnzySurge’s flagship product, SilverStream® provides proprietary innovative solutions for the global chronic wound market.

It is designed to accelerate natural wound healing processes, which combines a low concentration of silver ions, menthol, glycerol and a surfactant, dissolved in a hypertonic solution. The high concentration of the hygroscopic glycerol provides hydrogel properties. Silverstream’s unique synergetic formulation ensures effective preservative activity, it effectively cleans, moisturizes and soothes chronic and hard to treat wounds.



Talshir Medical Technologies Ltd, is the global owner and marketer of RevitalVision technology. The company develops and manufacture a unique patented training software, which improves brain visual processing, resulting in long lasting vision improvement.

RevitalVision technology addresses the needs of hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffering from different visual impairments and who, until now, had no effective alternative solution to improve their condition. RevitalVision is now focusing efforts in testing the efficacy of RevitalVision on different types of eye disease and visual impairments. We have a strong commitment to the science of improving vision and helping people throughout the world regain and maintain their eyesight.



Medicel is the world’s leader in IOL injectors and ophthalmic instruments. Since the successful market launch of the first injector in 1999, Medicel has continued to innovate.

Today, more than four million injection systems leave our production facility annually. More than 20% of foldable intraocular lenses are injected with Medicel injection systems worldwide. Additionally, Medicel produces several other single-use instruments for cataract and transplantation surgeries, which are used all over the world.



Since its establishment in 1999 as an affiliate of Rapha Eye Tech, the leading distributor of ophthalmic medical equipment in Korea, R.E.T. committed itself to the development of injection devices with superior quality that can assure doctors of the safe and successful implant of intraocular lenses (I.O.L).

Thanks to the close collaboration with R & D centers of reputable universities in Korea and success in manufacturing the perfect injectors of various types that are suitable for 1-piece type intraocular lense , we are now engaged in its sales

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